Michael Davis, OCS

Office Manager / Human Resources Director

michael-davisMichael Davis earned her undergraduate degree in English at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2012 and began working at Mountain View Eye Center shortly thereafter in 2013. She earned her Ophthalmic Coding Specialist certification in 2014 after taking over as billing coordinator, and in 2015 she moved on to become the Office Manager and Human Resources Director for the ophthalmology and optometry clinic. Michael has an extensive repertoire of experience and knowledge in billing and coding as well as administrative procedures, and is always available to lend her expertise to her patients and her fellow co-workers. Most of the time, Michael is hard at work at her desk, striving for excellence in patient care and constantly searching for innovative ways to improve the day-to-day flow of the clinic and overall patient experience at Mountain View Eye Center. Michael enjoys the challenges presented by all aspects of her job, and is particularly proud to be a part of a clinic that invests so much in its patients and its Outreach efforts. In her spare time, Michael can be found reading, writing, editing, and dabbling in various art projects.

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