Karen Greer, COA

Surgery Coordinator / Clinic Manager karen-greerKaren Greer has worked in the field of ophthalmology for over twenty years, and has had exceptional training in all subspecialty areas of ophthalmology throughout her career. She found her home at Mountain View Eye Center in 2012 in the vital position of surgery coordinator immediately upon arrival to Alaska. Soon after, her seemingly endless knowledge and experience in eye care, coupled with ceaseless hard work and exceptional detail-orientation, landed her in the additional role of the technician/clinic manager in 2013. She has fearlessly performed both of these roles ever since, and has always displayed an unwavering love and enthusiasm for the eye care field and an uncanny knack for truly getting to know her patients, proving time and again to be one of the most valuable members of our team. When not working, Karen takes every available opportunity to go on adventures exploring Alaska with her family. An avid reader, Karen can always be found with a book close at hand, whether at home, in the garden, hiking, fishing, camping, or floating a canoe down the river. She learned long ago to make every moment of every day count, and always strives to live her life to the fullest.