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What is an iStent?

iStent is a tiny implant that is placed into the eye at the time of cataract surgery to treat glaucoma and reduce dependence on glaucoma medication. It is only approved for use at the time of cataract surgery. Many major insurance payers cover it when performed during cataract surgery.

iStent works by creating alternate pathways through the trabecular meshwork for the aqueous outflow, reducing the pressure in your eye. You won’t see or feel them once they’ve been placed. iStents are the smallest medical device known to be implanted in the human body, but they’ve been proven highly effective at reducing your intra-ocular pressure and treating glaucoma.

What is iStent Inject?

iStent Inject is a new form of iStent that is quickly replacing the old, manual method of placing an iStent in the eye. iStent inject is a more elegant surgical tool that places two iStent injects rather than a single stent, increasing its effectiveness and making your cataract surgery more efficient. Like the iStent, it is only approved for use during cataract surgery, but most major payers cover it if performed then.

Is iStent or iStent inject right for me?

If you have glaucoma and cataracts, you may be a good candidate to receive an iStent or iStent inject when having your cataract removed. Only you and your surgeon can decide if this treatment is right for you, and not all forms of glaucoma can be effectively treated by iStents; additionally, iStents are not covered by every payer for every kind of glaucoma. We recommend you ask your doctor during your cataract evaluation for your glaucoma treatment options.

Where can I learn more?

Watch the video below for more information about iStent inject!

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