Emily Osenga, A.B.O.C

Certified Optician

Emily Osenga

Emily Osenga is a certified optician with more than eighteen years of experience in frames, optics, contact lenses, retail sales and customer service. Emily started her career in the Rocky Mountains in 1996 as an optometry technician and soon began working under a Master Optician, and in 2005 she obtained her ABOC while working at Aspen Eyewear. It was there that she discovered her personal love of high end fashion frames, and she dedicated herself to finding eyewear tailored both to her patients’ lifestyle and visual needs. Further experience working for a corneal practice gave her an in-depth knowledge of the medical aspects of opticianry and a refined ability to adapt to the needs of patients with corneal disorders and abnormalities, a skill that she has gladly brought to bear in working with her Fairbanks patients. Emily relocated to Alaska in 2014 when she joined the team at Mountain View Optical Shoppe, and she now brings her years of experience and enthusiasm for high quality eye care to benefit her patients in a challenging and ever-changing environment. Emily is currently studying for the Alaska State Licensure Program for Dispensing Opticians, and in her spare time she enjoys reading, cross-country skiing, cooking and traveling.

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