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Cataract treatment:

A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. Most cataracts are related to aging. A cataract can occur in either or both eyes. It cannot spread from one eye to the other.

How is a cataract treated?

  • Topical clear corneal cataract surgery is a 10-12 minute surgical procedure that reduces the operating and healing time compared to tradition surgical procedures, and usually offers almost immediate improvement in vision. With topical clear corneal cataract surgery, only drops are required to anesthetize the eye before a small incision is made in the cornea of the eye. The cataract is removed, and an artificial acrylic lens is inserted that unfolds inside the eye.
  • Cataract surgery can be completed in a single outpatient session and the recovery time is rapid; most patients are able to return almost immediately to their daily activities. Cataract surgery is a highly successful procedure. The risk of any serious complications from the surgery is extremely low.

Astigmatism treatment:

Astigmatism is a common type of refractive error that requires glasses or contact lenses to correct. During cataract surgery, this can be corrected with specialized techniques.

How is astigmatism treated during cataract surgery?

  • A Toric Intraocular Lens can be surgically implanted to replace the eye’s natural lens that is removed during cataract surgery – treating both the cataract and the astigmatism at the same time. It can help treat the astigmatism by becoming the first refractive surface for light rays entering the eye, causing a more precise refraction or focus. In many cases, this lens can provide clearer vision, a wider field of vision, and greater comfort.
  • Limbal Relaxing Incisions are a refractive surgical procedure to correct minor astigmatism in the eye. They have become the most common technique to correct astigmatism as part of cataract surgery. Incisions are made at the opposite edges of the cornea, following the curve of the iris, causing a slight flattening in that direction. Because the incisions are outside of the field of view, they do not cause glare and other visual effects that result from other corneal surgeries.
  • Limbal relaxing incisions are completed during cataract surgery and can be administered in a single, outpatient session with rapid recovery time.
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