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What are Occupational Lenses, and Are They for Me?

What are Occupational Lenses, and Are They for Me? With so much of our work and free time spent on computers and handheld digital devices, it is no surprise that complaints of digital eye strain are on the rise. Occupational lenses, often called workspace, computer, or intermediate lenses, are a type of corrective lens designed […]

Marijuana and Glaucoma

Marijuana and Glaucoma In 2014 Alaska passed ballot Measure 2, making it the third US state to legalize the production, sale, and use of Marijuana. Before it received legal status for recreational use, Marijuana was legalized for medicinal purposes in 1998. One of the medical diagnoses that is often associated with Marijuana is Glaucoma. But […]


Heterochromia Heterochromia Iridum, also called Heterochromia Iridis or simply Heterochromia, is a condition in which a person has different colored eyes. In fact, the word Heterochromia directly translates from Latin to mean “different” (hetero) “colors” (chromia). This condition is rare, affecting less than 200,000 people worldwide. In this blog, we’ll discuss different types of heterochromia, […]

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VUITY™ Eye Drops for Presbyopia

VUITY™ Eye Drops for Presbyopia You may have heard the news about a new eye care drop called VUITY™. This prescription medication was recently approved to treat age-related Blurry Near Vision (presbyopia) in adults, and it is the only medication ...Read More »

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