What You Really Need to Know About Eyelid Twitches

Eyelid Twitches Involuntary eyelid twitching is something that we all experience at one point. However, frequent episodes of twitching should be a cause for concern because there might be something more to the twitches than meets the eye.

Most of the time, eyelid twitches are not serious. However, figuring out the underlying cause is crucial in coming up with an effective treatment approach. Generally, eyelid twitches may be triggered by the following:

  • Stress – Stress is one of the primary triggers of eyelid twitching. This is particularly noticeable in computer eyestrain. Address the cause of the stress, be it a lack of sleep or interpersonal relationships, can help stop the twitching.
  • Caffeine and alcohol – Although modest amounts of alcohol and caffeine are considered to be good for you, some individuals have trouble with them. Involuntary spasms of the eyelid muscles are one of the physical symptoms of people who react negatively to caffeine and alcohol. Cutting back or quitting them altogether has been shown to help.
  • Dry eyes – This could be a symptom or a condition in itself. Generally, dry eyes may be a symptom of computer eyestrain, allergies, nutritional deficiency, or excessive fatigue. Addressing these causes may reduce dry eyes and consequently scale down the twitching episodes.

Eyelid twitching becomes a medical emergency when it is accompanied by twitching or drooping in other parts of the face, unusual discharges, and chronic inflammation.

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