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Glaucoma is an eye disorder that people hear a lot about but know very little about at the same time. It’s a treatable and controllable disease that can afflict anyone. It usually happens when the pressure in the eye increases due to a low volume of eye fluid. The eyeball needs to be covered by fluid at all times, circulating in the front part of the eye to keep it protected and moist. When it stops circulating as it should, glaucoma can occur.

There’s a small channel on the eyeball that helps the eye fluid flow normally. It can become blocked, causing the fluid to build up. Doctors say that the only known reason for the blockage is hereditary. Still, the blockage is unexplained. At times, a chemical injury, inflammatory conditions, eye infections, and eye surgery can cause glaucoma. Your doctor can help you determine if there is a viable reason for the occurrence of glaucoma.

glaucomaYou may experience glaucoma in both eyes, which is normal. It is also normal for one eye to be worse than the other. Again, this is something your doctor will help you determine. He or she will also discuss possible treatment for the problem.

You don’t have to be elderly to experience glaucoma. In fact, you can be any age and still be afflicted with this disorder. However, the risk of contracting glaucoma increases if you are over 40, if you are black, Irish, or Russian, if you already have bad vision, or if you have diabetes. Studies show that black patients actually have a higher risk of contracting glaucoma at an earlier age with a greater loss of vision.

The two common types of glaucoma are open-angle and angle-closure.

  • Open-angle – This is the more common type. It occurs when the eyes look normal but the fluid is not flowing properly.
  • Angle-closure – This is less common and more acute. The poor drainage causes the angle between the cornea and iris to become too narrow. This causes sudden pressure build-up.

If you suspect you have glaucoma, see your eye doctor right away for information and treatment.

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