Alcohol Linked to Increased Risk of Dry Eye

dry eyesWhile a headache is a sign you may have indulged too much the night before, a recent study shows that your eyes can be affected, as well, if you frequently experience extreme eye dryness.

A 2012 study by researchers at the Hallym University College of Medicine found that alcohol can significantly worsen symptoms of dry eye. The study involved 20 healthy males. Ten consumed 0.75 grams of alcohol (roughly two cans of beer) the night before while the other half didn’t. By morning, the subjects who consumed alcohol had “a significantly shortened tear break up time” resulting in dry eyes.

Aside from dry eyes, alcohol intake has also been shown to result in the following short-term vision problems:

  • Eye twitching
  • Reduced sensitivity to contrasting objects
  • Slower pupil reaction

The last two changes can negatively affect driving at night or twilight where the driver needs to adjust his or her vision for sudden shifts in light or darkness.

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