5 Easy Ways to Minimizing Computer Eye Strain

Although the use of computers and other digital devices have gone a long way for the last few decades in helping improve people’s lives, computer eyestrain is one of its drawbacks that has increased in prevalence for the past few years too.

In fact, we have noticed here at our Fairbanks eye care practice that more and more people, both young and the old, are complaining of the most common symptoms of computer eye strain — that tired and strained feeling after spending long hours in front of the computer screen.

While we can’t just stop using computers and digital devices altogether, you can actually reduce or minimize computer eyestrain through the following:

  • Give your eyes a break by following the 20-20-20 rule: make an effort to shift your eyes to an object that is at least 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Quite easy to remember, right?
  • Take regular rest breaks by standing away from your computer when you need to spend longer hours in front of your computer.
  • Don’t forget to blink! Blinking is your body’s natural way of lubricating the eyes which is essential for its optimum function. It has been found out that humans tend to blink only half than what they normally do (that is around 18 times per minute) when staring in front of the computer. You can post a reminder note on your computer if you find yourself frequently forgetting to blink. Or you can use apps to help you not forget!
  • Position yourself at least 25 inches from the computer screen and consider placing it in a way that your gaze is slightly downward.
  • Get enough sleep! Sleep deprivation is one of the factors that can increase the likelihood of computer eyestrain.

In addition to the aforementioned, it pays to visit your eye care team regularly for routine eye check-ups. The Mountain View Medical Center is manned by ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians! We offer a state-of-the art medical center with a warm friendly staff working together to care for our patients.We understand how important visual performance and eye health are for a person’s quality of life, and we strive for excellence in providing complete eye care needs.

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